Commemorating Those Who Served

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the Great War, this section is dedicated to those who served, were wounded, and died.1  There were many members of Company K and servicemen from other units in the towns surrounding Farmington, but the first list contains residents of Farmington known to have served. A Section at the bottom is dedicated to members of company K from other areas that fought and died in the Great War.

Died in Service

Earl L. Ackley, Died of Disease

Clarence L. Doble, Killed in Action

Charles W. Foote, Killed in Action

Thaddeus L. Roderick, Died of Wounds

Ralph G. White, Died of Wounds

Wounded In Action

Barrett, Chester E. 

Dingley, Nelson Y.

Dingley, Ronald S,

Doble, Clarence L.

Dustin, Norman B.

Fortier, Alfred J.

Foster, Everett D.

Foster, Herbert H.

Glidden, Vernon M.

Jennings, Hervey B.

Lawry, Charles W.

McDonald, Edward

Russell, Maurice E.

Savage, George K.

Sprague, Bernard E.

Tibbetts, John S. 

Walker, Charles L. 

Zolluke, Mike 

Returning Soldiers

Ackley, Ervin L.

Adams, Dan T.

Adams, Linwood F.

Adams, Phillip E.

Alexander, Guy E.

Andrews, Albert E.

Andrews, Arthur V.

Bacheldor, Elias T.

Bachelder, Lee C.

Bailey, Leon A.

Baillargeon, Alcide

Baker, Alice C.

Barron, Eddie C.

Barton, Frederick J.

Barton, William E.

Bean, Frank S.

Beane, Melvin O.

Belanger, Louis J.

Belcher, Daniel B.

Black, Ralph A.

Black, Willliam

Brown, Leo J. WIA

Campbell, Guy A.

Carlson, Edwin L. WIA

Chick, Donald A.

Coleman, George L.

Collins, Irvin G.

Collins, Russell W.

Craig, Frank E.

Craig, Samuel G.

Crosby, Charles I.

Currier, Raymond T.

Davis, Almon L.

Davis, Thomas McL.

Derby, James L.

Dill, Maurice C.

Dobbins, Frank P.

Doble, Danville I.

Dodge, Carroll C.

Dostie, Archie O.

Dostie, Raymond J.

Drake, Frank E.

Dudley, Oliver C.

Dyer, Norman C.

Eaton, Clifford E.

Edes, Charles E.

Ellis, John

Ellsworth, Harry A.

Ellsworth, William C.

Fairbanks, Harold K.

Farmer, Dellyn A.

Farmer, Glenn

Favor, Paul G,

Fellows, John H.

Fellows, Leon W.

Ferrari, Adelmo

Fish, Fred E.

Flint, Harold B.

Forgione, Pietro

Fortier, Armand J.

Foster, John H.

Fowler, Ernest W.

Frost, Guy R.

Gilbert, Harvey

Gilbert, Ray D.

Goss, Dwight E.

Grant, Plummer N.

Greenwood, Clinton W.

Greenwood, Donald W.

Grounder, Napoleon

Grounder, Joseph

Grounder, Peter

Hammond, Emily D.

Hammond, Seymour L.

Helquist, Carl A.

Heminway, Phillip J.

Higgins, Earl G.

Higgins, Ralph E.

Hiscock, Fred P.

Hobbs, Walter C.

Hutchinson, Carl S.

James, Volney F.

Jennings, Horace B.

Jordan, Fred T.

Kelly, Frank A.

Kyes, Clifford A.

Knapp, Raymond H.

Libby, Harold W.

Lowell, Albert S.

Lowell, Charles P.

Lowell, Elmer B.

Luce, Earl R.

Luce, Ellery H.

Luce, Ralph T.

McKay, George W.

McLeary, Robert B.

Mace, James C.

Maddix, Will G.

Makepeace, True E.

Manter, Warren B.

Marcous,  Joseph A.

Marsh, Phillip W.

Martin, Joe

Merrill, Copeland

Metcalf, Perley C.

Millet, Lee G.

Mooar, Earl R.

Moor, Stanley H.

Moore, Herbert L.

Newell, Harold G.

Niles, Elmer K.

Parker, Carl T.

Parker, Erlon H.

Parkhurst, Harold B.

Parsons, Rex W.

Paul, Harry F.

Paul, Herschel W.

Paul, Lester F.

Pierce, Walter M.

Pottle, Vincent F.

Poulin, Arthur A.

Poulin, Joseph M.

Pratt, Arthur

Pratt, George L.

Pratt, Harold S.

Pratt, Stephen H.

Prescott, Harold M.

Presson, Geo. McL.

Preston, Clifton H.

Richards, Albert D.

Roberts, Ronald N.

Roderick, Arthur D.

Ross, Atherton M.

Rounds, Bernard C,

Sawyer, Harold B.

Shaw, Llewellyn T.

Sibley, Harry E.

Small, Clive C.

Small, Norman C.

Small, Raymond E.

Small, Stanton E.

Smith, Harvey M.

Snow, Edward R.

Sprague, Arthur C.

Starbird, Freelon

Stewart, Raymond O.

Stinchfield, Ben

Stowe, Durward J.

Tardy, Alfred L.

Tardy, Schyler C.

Thomas, Harry S.

Trask, Edward N.

Trask, Harold F.

Tufts, Leroy M.

Verrill, Ray M.

Wade, Leander A.

Webber, Harry

Webster, Ernest J.

Webster, Henry G.

Welch, Henry E.

Welch, James

Welch, Wallace A.

White, Robert F.

Whittier, Luther G.

Wilder, Henry E.

Wing, James C.

Wood, Melville C.

Wood, Walter A.

Wright, William M.

Wyman, Ernest W,

Company K members from other areas who died in service

Second Lieutenant Charles H. Evans, Marblehead, MA

Second Lieutenant John A. Feltham, Newport, RI

Private Albert O. Abraham (town unknown)

Private Fred B. Ashley, Mexico, ME

Private Chas W. Bardgiall, Conroy, OH

Private Fred Bittner, Toledo, OH

Private Stanley L. Buck, New Vineyard, ME

Private Lester W. Chase, Derry, NH

Private John Elliot, New Bedford, ME

Corporal Daniel Gould, New Vineyard, ME

Corporal Ralph S. Hosmer, East Wilton, ME

Private Albert Hudson, Montevallo, AL

Sergeant Jeremiah Morely, West Manchester, NH

Private David C. Redmond, Bangor, ME

Private Peter H. Smart, (town unknown)

Private Raymond Walker, Patten, ME

Private Edward Walsh, (town unknown)

Private William E. Whitney, Groveton, NH





1. The names included were found in C.R. Tyler, “Company K, 2nd Maine Regiment,” Company K Collection,  Circa 1985, Farmington Historical Society.

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