Welcome to the Site! This website is a part of the Century America Project, a collaborative digital history project consisting of nine member colleges of the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges. The goal of the project is for student researchers to portray the effects of the Great War on the colleges and surrounding community.

The content of this site is divided into three main sections: Farmington State Normal School, Life in Farmington, and Voices of the Great War.

The Farmington State Normal School section gives insight into the experiences of students and faculty during the period of 1914-1919, as well as the campus response to the United States’ entrance into the war. The main page provides an image gallery displaying various faces and places at the school, a brief overview of the school, and navigation links for the rest of the pages. Check out the school page!

The section on¬†Life in Farmington describes how the war affected the town’s agricultural center. There is also a section on the town’s military unit, Company K, as well as another page which provides a list of Farmington residents who served and died in the war. The landing page for this section provides a gallery and brief overview of the town. Check out the town page!

The Voices of the Great War section provides a combination of audio and text to a variety of documents during the period. Hear the voices of the Great War here.

Additionally, please explore the About the Project section to learn more about the project, its sponsors, advisors and the other researchers involved in the project.

Lastly, the Works Cited Page contains the sources used for the project, which can be accessed here.

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